Nail Art

2019 Valentine’s Day Nail Art – Part 2

For my second Valentine’s day nail art design, I wanted to avoid using stamping plates. So, I decided to use a combination of Twinkled T’s nail vinyls, nail rhinestones, and the drip marble technique, to create these cute heart nails. Continue reading “2019 Valentine’s Day Nail Art – Part 2”

Nail Art

2019 Chinese Lunar New Year Nails

To welcome the Year of the Pig, I created this traditional red and gold nail art, using images from UberChic Beauty’s Far East-01 stamping plate, and Born Pretty Stamping polishes. You can find the full product list with the links at the end of this page. Continue reading “2019 Chinese Lunar New Year Nails”

Nail Art

Winter Wonderland Nails

I created this design for Hypnotic Polish’s November/December nail art challenge, which was based around the theme of “winter wonderland”. Since I spent most of my life living in the countryside, my interpretation of a winter wonderland is pure, snow-covered trees; and so I came up with this simple, yet pretty design. Continue reading “Winter Wonderland Nails”