Nail Art

Druzy Quartz Nails.

This design was inspired by a very pretty Druzy quartz pendant that I got for my birthday (Thank you so much again, Mum – I love you!). The first thing I always do when I see something pretty is think of a way to replicate it on my nails.

These nails are easy to achieve and only takes as long as it does for the polish to dry.

Step 1

I started by applying my favourite base coat – The “SOS Nail Rebuilder” by F.U.N Lacquer. This base coat is great if you have weak nails that are difficult to grow, as mine are.

Step 2

Next, I applied two coats of F.U.N Lacquer’s “Andromeda” from the Iparallaxe collection. I chose this polish because I wanted the purple and multi-chrome elements to shine through the blue flakies when under direct light. This imitates how the deep layers of sparkling purple and orange can be seen shining between the crystals in the pendant.

Step 3

Once the base colour was dry, I applied two coats of ILNP’s “Ice House” This flakie polish is a vibrant ultra chrome that is primarily dark blue, but shifts to light blue, teal and purple. I added two coats so that the flakes covered a majority of the nail, but still allowed the additional colours of “Andromeda” to shine through the gaps.

Step 4

Finally, to finish this Druzy quartz design, I added a thick coat of my favourite quick dry, glossy top coat.

2018-04-23 11.36.29

Products Used

F.U.N Lacquer: Premium Nail Treatment “SOS Nail Rebuilder” base coat.
Barry M: Wet Set Quick Dry Topcoat.
ILNP: “Ice House”.
F.U.N Lacquer: Iparallaxe “Andromeda”.

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