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Modern Abstract and Marble Nails

This nail art is based on designs that I am seeing everywhere at the moment – on back to school stationery, diary covers, screen wallpapers, phone cases, beauty product packaging, etc. So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and put it on my nails.

Step 1

I started by creating the marble effect for my feature nail. Marble is everywhere right now, so I wanted to incorporate it into this nail art. I didn’t use the water marbling technique for this; instead, I used the drip marbling technique that I saw in one of Simply Nailogical’s videos which I will link below.

Rainbow Rockstar nails using SuperChic Lacquer holos!

For this technique, I used a polypropylene lid that I took from a tub of instant coffee. I recommend using this kind of plastic (or a similar alternative) if possible, as the polish or acetone doesn’t cause it to melt and it is flexible enough to make it easier to peel the polish up once it has dried.

2018-08-27 13.48.36

You can also use a nail art mat which can be purchased from some nail art stockist. I recently purchased a glamour mat® from Twinkled T, which can be found here.

To start off, I added six drops of Barry M’s white polish, “Cotton”, to the lid, followed by drops of Maybelline’s “Roof Terrace” mint green in the centre as though I was water marbling. I then added drops of Color Club’s “Cosmic Fate” for the bronze/rose gold elements and a touch of holographic.

2018-08-27 13.50.052018-08-27 13.57.01

I repeated this sequence until there was a generous amount of polish. I then lifted the lid while the polish was still very wet and tilted it so that the paint dripped and spread, creating the marbled effect. When doing this, make sure you tilt the lid in different directions so that the colours really mix in together to make a nice marble effect.

2018-08-27 14.00.38

Once I was happy with the way it looked, I left it to dry in a well-ventilated room for 5-6 hours.

**The reason I used Barry M’s white polish rather than Color Club’s “French Tip” that I normally use, is because Color Club’s polish is very thick and I would have had difficulty making it drip.**

Step 2

While I waited for my marble decal to dry, I continued with the nail art for the rest of my nails. I started by applying my “Triple 5” base coat to all my nails and allowing time for it to dry. I then applied two coats of Color Club’s “French Tip” to all nails except the feature nail where the marble effect was going to be.

2018-08-27 16.11.36

Step 3

I decided I wanted to add a bit of holographic sparkle to my design, so I added a layer of F.U.N Lacquer’s “Diamond Dust” holo topper to the nails on my forefinger and middle finger. I then added a thick layer of quick dry glossy top coat.

For the nails on my thumb and pinky finger, I created a gradient using “French Tip” and the mint green polish, “Roof Terrace”, by Maybelline. I added liquid latex to the cuticles and skin around my nail, and then applied the polish to make-up sponge, making sure I overlapped the colours and dabbed it onto my nails.

2018-08-28 13.44.31

**For more detailed information on how to create a perfect gradient, see my gradient guide here**

On my thumbnail, I applied the gradient so that the white polish was at the top of the nail and the mint green at the bottom. For my pinky nail, I reversed these colours.

2018-08-28 13.48.58

Step 4

When I was sure that the polish and top coat on my middle and pointer fingernails were completely dry, I used Twinkled T’s striped nail vinyls to make triangular shapes, which I filled in using the mint green polish. I then peeled back the nail vinyls immediately while the polish was still wet.

Step 5

I waited again for the polish to dry before using the nail stamper. I chose this geometric design that seems very popular at the moment, from Born Pretty’s BP-L078 stamping plate.

2018-08-28 15.22.07

For stamping, I used Born Pretty’s clear jelly nail stamper and the scraper that came with it; I also used Born Pretty’s chameleon stamping polish in “Pink Planet”.

2018-08-28 15.39.00

This is a pretty duo chrome polish which shifts from gold to rose gold. All products used can be found on their site here.

I stamped this design on each of my nails, apart from the feature nails, and sealed the design in with a layer of MoYou London’s glossy stamping top coat. As you can see, this top coat didn’t smudge the polish at all, which is the issue I was having with the other top coats I own.

2018-08-28 15.44.01

Step 6

Once the marble decal had plenty of time to dry all the way through, I gently peeled it off the lid with a metal nail tool. I recommend starting peeling in an area of the decal that you know you aren’t going to use for your nails, just in case you scratch or scuff it when you start peeling it up.

I pressed the decal up against my feature nail to get a general idea of how much I would need and what part I wanted to use. I then cut the piece I wanted into the shape of my nail, leaving some overlap. Next, I applied my usual base coat to my nail, and while it was still wet I gently stuck the decal down. It did need repositioning slightly and some creases smoothing out, which I did carefully with a cotton bud. You could also use a soft makeup sponge or something similar, but I don’t recommend using your fingers as you could scratch or smudge the decal.

2018-08-27 17.21.43

I cut off as much excess as I could around the nail with a small pair of scissors, and the remainder I dissolved with a clean up brush dipped in acetone. To finish up, I sealed in the decal with a layer of my no-smudge stamping glossy top coat (I didn’t want to risk smearing the marbled effect) and then the design was complete.

2018-08-28 15.53.20

Products Used

F.U.N Lacquer: Premium Nail Treatment “Triple 5”.
Barry M: Wet Set Quick Dry Topcoat.
MoYou London: Top Coat.
Color Club: 24 “French Tip”.
Barry M: 66 “Matte White”.
Maybelline: Color Show 60 “Roof Terrace”.
Color Club: Halo Hues 995 “Cosmic Fate”.
Born Pretty: The Universe Series BPU03 “Pink Planet”
F.U.N Lacquer: Holo Topper “Diamond Dust”.
Twinkled T: Variety Vinyl Sheet (Stripes).

I ❤︎ Nails: “Paint n Peel” liquid latex.

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