Nail Art

Tropical Sunset Nail Art

This landscape nail art is easier than it looks, and its bright colours will give you feel good vibes whether you are away on your holidays or stuck at work dreaming about paradise.

Step 1

To start off, I applied F.U.N. Lacquer’s “Triple 5” base coat to my nails and waited five minutes for it to dry. I then applied F.U.N. Lacquer’s “Frost” all over my nails as the base colour. This is a very vibrant teal, blue, and purple multi-chrome polish, and due to it being very sheer, I always apply three coats so that it builds up to full opacity.

Step 1 Ed

Step 2

Next, I used an angled head brush to add small strokes of coral and purple polish to the bottom half of my nails. These lines don’t need to be perfect, even, or straight, as they are representing the sunset’s reflection on the waves. I tried to include more of the coral colour on my middle fingernail, the right side of my forefinger nail, and the left side of my ring finger nail, to show the position of where the sun is setting. On the nails further away to where the sun would be setting, I included less or the coral and more of the dark purple. I then sealed it all in with a layer of quick dry glossy top coat.

Step 2 Ed

Step 3

Once the top coat dried, I placed a semi-circle nail vinyl over the bottom half of my nail where I wanted the horizon to be.

Step 3 Ed

Then I applied some liquid latex around my cuticle and the skin around the side of my nail. The liquid latex I used dries in around 2-3 minutes. For the sunset sky, I painted two shades of purple, pale pink, coral, and bright orange onto a make-up sponge to make a gradient and dabbed it onto the top half of the nail.

Step 4 Ed

For the middle nail, I placed the sponge so that there was more orange showing, and for the other nails I angled the sponge accordingly so that the orange glow is shaped like an arc. For the nails on the forefinger and pinky finger, I included more of the purple in the gradient. I repeated this step twice to ensure that the gradient was fully opaque before peeling off the nail vinyl and liquid latex while the polish was still wet. When the polish had dried, I added another layer of quick dry glossy top coat.

Step 5 Ed

**Tip: When doing gradients, you sometimes want top coats that slightly smear the polish. This helps to blend the colours together, making it appear more seamless. However, when creating designs like this one, you don’t want the gradient from the top half of the nail to smear into the nail art at the tip of your nail. An easy solution is to apply the top coat in the opposite direction; so, you start at the tip of your nail and drag the brush down to your cuticle, rather than vice-versa. You don’t need to worry about the polish from the bottom part of your nail smearing, as this has already been sealed in with a layer of top coat.**

Step 4

I decided to wait overnight before proceeding to the next step, as I started this nail art late in the day and I wanted to make sure that all the polish on my nails was completely dry.

Firstly, I added a very light dab of F.U.N Lacquer’s “Diamond Dust” holographic topper to the purple parts of the gradient, to make it look like a slight scattering of stars.

I then took some black acrylic paint and added a small portion to my makeshift mixing pallet (the bottom of a coke bottle).

Acrylic Paint

Using the same angled brush head that I used for the water, I took a small amount of acrylic paint on the tip of the brush and freehanded the cliffs, beach, and palm tree. The reason I used acrylic paint rather than black nail polish is that it allows you to easily scratch it off with a toothpick if you make a mistake or want to start over.

I extended the cliffs and the beach over two nails because I wanted to show that the image on each nail is connected like a single panoramic landscape.

Step 5

Once I was happy with the design, I added a final layer of glossy top coat to seal in the acrylic paint and then the sunset nails were complete.

Sunset Nails Ed


Products Used

F.U.N Lacquer: Premium Nail Treatment “Triple 5”.
Barry M: Wet Set Quick Dry Topcoat.
F.U.N Lacquer: Christmas 2015 “Frost”.
Rimmel London: 613 “Midnight Rendezvous”.
Barry M: Speedy Quick Dry 628 “Slip Stream”.
Maybelline: Color Show 30 “Fire Island”.
Rimmel London: Rita Ora 400 “Tangerine Tent”.
Rimmel London: Rita Ora 270 “Sweet Retreat”.
Daler-Rowney: System 3 “Black 026” acrylic paint.
Twinkled T: Variety Vinyl Sheet (semi-circle).
I ❤︎ Nails: “Paint n Peel” liquid latex.

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