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Can You Use Swarovski’s Crystal Pixie Without Gel or Nail Glue? – Tested!

I love Swarovski and their products such as their jewellery and pens, and so I was excited when I first heard about Swarovski’s Crystal Pixie for nails. These are bottles of loose Swarovski crystals in various colours that can be stuck to nails to provide extra glitz and sparkle.

What put me off buying the product though, was that all the nail bloggers and vloggers reviewing it claimed that gel or nail glue was required to set the crystals to the nails. I avoid using any gel products as I am UV sensitive, and nail glue is something that I avoid like the plague (I have seen how it has damaged the natural nails of some of my friends). And so, I never thought any more about purchasing the product. At £20 I thought it too pricey to buy if they are just going to end up falling off after wearing it only a day with a regular top coat.

Then, after about a year had passed, I saw that Swarovski had brought out a new collection of colours, one of these being the same blue crystals of my favourite Swarovski bangle. I had to have it, even though it might only last a day. So, I decided to make my own review of the product, using only a regular glossy top coat and seeing how long it would last.

2018-06-04 12.46.40

**Note: The bangle in the above picture is for comparison purposes only and was not included in the purchase of the Crystal pixie. 🙂**


I started by applying my regular F.U.N Lacquer base coat and then painted F.U.N Lacquer’s “Starry Night Of The summer” on my feature nails (I decided only to wear the crystals on my feature nails since I didn’t want to waste too much of the product).

2018-09-07 22.36.16

Once the base colour was dry, I applied a thick layer of Barry M’s plumping top coat. Normally, I use Barry M’s “Wet Set Quick Dry Top Coat”, but the plumping top coat is much thicker, and so I thought it would be much better for setting the crystals.

2018-09-07 22.37.17

While the top coat was still wet, I poured some of the crystals directly over the nail until it was covered. I used a tray underneath my nails to catch the excess crystals, which I then poured back into the bottle using the funnel provided in the set.

2018-09-07 22.42.09

I gently pressed the crystals on my nail down into the topcoat and neatened up the crystals around the edge of my nails by repositioning or removing them as necessary.

Lastly, I used a small dotting tool dipped in the plumping top coat and applied it all around the crystals at the edge of my nails, to add extra support and security. I also filled in any gaps between the crystals with more top coat.

When the crystals looked secure, I waited for the top coat to dry. Since the plumping top coat takes longer to dry than my usual top coat, I waited around 40-50 minutes before carrying on with my usual activities. While I waited, I continued with the designs on my other nails. Originally, I created an elegant blue and silver swirl design using Twinkled T’s nail vinyls, but I didn’t feel that the design or colours complimented the blue crystals, so I switched to using Color Club’s “Beyond” topped with three coats of ILNP’s “Ice House.


I was surprised at how secure the crystals felt on my nails. I didn’t feel as though I had to be really careful with them or that they would start falling off with the slightest touch.

On day two, I did notice that two or three of the crystals fell off from the side of my nail as it meets the skin; but I wasn’t surprised by this, as they were on the very edge and not as secure as the others. I didn’t bother sticking them back on, as it didn’t affect the appearance of my nail. Instead, I stuck them back in the bottle.

CP Day 2

On day three, I went to my local beach to look for sea glass and a few of the crystals fell from my nail when they got scuffed on the rocks and pebbles. I managed to save a few of these, as I felt them fall off; so as soon as I got home, I stuck them back on.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To stick on the individual crystals, I took the small dotting tool and applied a small blob of top coat into the space where the crystal used to be, and then picked up the crystal with the pad of my finger by pressing on it, and gently placing it back on the nail. I repeated this until all the gaps were filled and then the nail was back to looking as good as new.

CP Day 4 d

On day 4, the crystals held strong and I managed not to lose any. On day 5, I did lose three crystals from the very tip and corner of my nail. This wasn’t very noticeable because of the blue base colour that I used. At this point, I wasn’t intending to replace any of the crystals that fell, as it was nearing the time where I would be changing my manicure.

The picture below shows the nail on day 9, there are some gaps visible where the crystals have fallen, but it still looks better than I ever imagined it would without using glue or gel.

CP Day 9

To remove the crystals, I dipped a cotton pad in acetone and pressed it onto the nail, holding it there for around two minutes. With one swipe, the crystals then came away with the cotton pad. I gently used more acetone and a disposable cloth to remove any excess polish and top coat from the loose crystals and then placed then back in the bottle. The acetone hadn’t damaged or discoloured them in any way.

Final Review

Overall, I was extremely happy with the outcome of this test/review. the crystals set well with the top coat and I ended up loosing far less than I initially expected. I still wouldn’t apply the crystals to all of my nails, for fear of wasting them, but I would carry on using them on my feature nail to add extra glam and sparkle to my manicure. I will definitely be looking to buy more of the Crystal Pixie sets in different colours. Since I used the chunky “Edge” crystals, it would be interesting to also test how well the original, petite, and bubble crystals set into the plumping top coat.

Products Used

F.U.N Lacquer: Premium Nail Treatment “SOS Nail Rebuilder” base coat.
Barry M: Wet Set Quick Dry Topcoat.
Color Club: Halo Hues 976 “Beyond”.
F.U.N Lacquer: Summer 2016 “Starry Night Of The Summer”.
ILNP: “Ice House”.
Swarovski: Crystal Pixie Edge “Sahara Blue”.

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