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I Try To Replicate Simply Nailogical’s “Rainbow Rockstar” Nails

For this nail art, I decided to replicate Christine’s “Rainbow Rockstar” nails from her channel youtube channel Simply Nailogical – You can find her video here:

Rainbow Rockstar nails using SuperChic Lacquer holos!

Christine completed her design by using SuperChic Lacquer’s Dreamology collection. Since I don’t own these polishes, I tried to replicate the nail design using some new metallic nail polishes from Avon that I had been meaning to test. I did, however, own the “Crown Jewels of Enchantment” holographic and silver glitter topper from SuperChic Lacquer’s “Once Upon a Diamond” collection, that Christine used in her video.

Step 1

As always, I started by applying one of my favourite base coats to my nails – I used F.U.N Lacquer’s “Triple 5” from their Premium Nail Treatment collection. This base coat has done wonders to help me finally grown my nails. You can read about the full benefits of this base coat on their website which can be found here.

Step 2

I painted all my nails, except the feature nails, in Avon’s metallic purple/pink. Unlike the polishes that Christine used in her tutorial, Avon’s polishes are sheerer and need at least two coats to build up to full opacity. On my feature nail, I used Colour Club’s “Beyond” as a substitute for the “R.E.M.” polish by SuperChic that Christine used. Then, I applied liquid latex to the skin and cuticles around the pink/purple nails, to protect the skin from excess polish when I do the gradients.

Rainbow 2

Step 3

In her tutorial, Christine used blue, purple, green, red, and dark pink for her gradient. since I’m just using my Avon polishes for this one, I only used green, blue, and the pink/purple colour.

I swiped a coat of each of the polishes onto the sponge, with the purple at the top, followed by the blue and then the green.

Rainbow 3

After dabbing a coat on each of my nails, the gradient was still very sheer, so I went over it a few more times until the colours were very opaque and vibrant. once I was done, I removed the liquid latex and cleaned up any excess polish from around my nail with a cleanup brush and some acetone.

 Rainbow 4

Rainbow 5

Step 4

I waited for the polish to dry and then applied a thick layer of quick dry glossy top coat to all of the nails with the gradient. On my feature nail, I applied two coats of the “Crown Jewels of Enchantment” glitter topper.

Rainbow 7

I love how glitzy this topper is and how the textured chunks of glitter and genuine diamond pieces catch the light and sparkle. This collection sells out really quick, so if you would like to get your hands on a bottle, I recommend checking their site regularly to see if it has been re-stocked.

Before moving on to the next step, I made sure that the polish and top coat was thoroughly dry so that it wouldn’t get ruined by the nail vinyls.

Step 5

I placed two striped nail vinyls vertically down the centre of my nails where the glittery stripe was going to be. When I was happy with the way that they were positioned, I painted the stripe with Color Club’s “believe” that I used for the feature nail and peeled up the vinyls. I repeated this step for each of the rainbow gradient nails.

Rainbow 9

Step 6

To finish off the design, I carefully applied a coat of the “Crown Jewels of Enchantment” topper to the stripe with the tip of the brush. Once that too had dried, I then sealed it all in with another layer of glossy top coat.

Rainbow 10

**Outcome: While the lack of colours meant that the finished design didn’t look as “rockstar” as Christine’s original version, I liked the way the colours I used blended together and looked very vibrant. I think it made the design looked more “mermaid” than “rockstar”, but still looked equally as glam.**

Products Used

F.U.N. Lacquer: Premium Nail Treatment “Triple 5” base coat.
Color Club: Halo Hues “Beyond”.
Avon: Mark. Gel Shine: “Exposure Boost”.
Avon: Mark. Gel Shine: “Over Intensified”.
Avon: Mark. Gel Shine: “Pop Art”.
Superchic Lacquer: Once Upon A Diamond “Crown Jewels Of Enchantment”.
Barry M: Wet Set Quick Dry Topcoat.
Twinkled T: Stripes Variety Vinyls.
I ❤︎ Nails: “Paint n Peel” liquid latex.

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