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Simple, Elegant, White & Gold Geometric Nails.

In this post, I will be explaining how to replicate this simple gold and white/black nail art design. This design is neat, elegant, and very art deco. It is perfect for an evening out, or just to add a bit of glam to your manicure.

The design is very easy to achieve and would be perfect for beginners who would like to start doing nail art, and also for those who are new to using nail vinyls/striping tape.

Step 1

Remove any existing nail polish that you have on your nails with acetone, and then apply the base coat of your choice. It is not recommended that you use a peel-off base coat for this design, as removing the striping tape will cause your manicure to peel off. Normally, I would also advise rehydrating your nails with nail oil after using acetone; however, I have found that if there is any oily residue still on the skin around my nails, I have trouble getting the striping tape or nail vinyls to stick. Therefore, I recommend that you wait until your manicure is complete before applying your nail oil or hand moisturiser.

Step 2

Apply your gold polish to all nails except your feature nail, and repeat for as many coats required to reach full opacity. Paint the feature nail using the white or black nail polish.

2018-04-08 17.20.37

Step 3

Once your base colour is dry, apply a coat of the quick dry top coat and wait for it to dry. Before moving onto the next step, I recommend waiting at least 30-45 minutes. This is because, the nail polish underneath must be completely dry before peeling off the striping tape; otherwise you run the risk of having the polish peel up with it, meaning you will have to start over from step 1.

Step 4

When the polish and top coat is completely dry, you can start to place the striping tape in a geometric pattern, as shown below. I find it easier to apply the striping tape to the nail straight from the roll, and then cutting with the scissors, rather than pre-cutting the pieces of tape. This minimalises the chances of any dust or particles sticking to the tape, and making it less adhesive. It is important that the tape remains adhesive so that when you place it on the nail it sticks down completely and doesn’t allow any of the wet polish to pool underneath.

2018-04-08 17.25.52

You may prefer to place the pieces of tape to all nails on the hand before applying the top nail polish colour; however, I tend to one nail at a time, as I find it easier to remember in what order I need to peel off the pieces of tape.

The reason why this design is perfect for someone who is new to using striping tape is because it enables you to practice using the tape to create design and master the method of peeling it up, without having to be too concerned with making sure the placement is perfect; such as when trying to make perfectly straight and equally proportioned horizontal or vertical lines across the nail.

Step 5

As soon as you have all pieces of striping tape in place and you are happy with the design, you can then apply your white or black polish, ensuring that the striping tape and the gold polish is completely covered. For the feature nail, repeat this step with the gold nail polish. The white and black nail polish I used for this design was fully opaque in just one coat, but you may need to apply two coats, depending on the opacity of the nail polish you are using.

The striping tape will need to be peeled off immediately, while the polish is still wet; however, I tend to wait at least 5-10 seconds after applying before I start to remove the tape. This allows the polish to thicken up enough so that it doesn’t pool into the space where the striping tape was and leaves perfect, clean, straight lines.

2018-04-08 17.38.12

**Tip: When removing the striping tape, ensure that you remove the pieces in the reverse order from what you placed them (ie the last piece of tape that you applied to the nail, is the first one you remove after adding the polish). Peel off the tape in a quick, but gentle motion, and then move on to the next piece until all the striping tape has been removed. I like to use tweezers to peel off the tape, as it reduces the risk of the wet polish getting transferred over to your nails on the opposite hand. I also keep a blank piece of scrap paper nearby for placing the used piece of striping tape on.**

Repeat this step for all nails.

Step 6

Allow time for the top layer of polish to dry, before adding your favourite glossy or matte top coat.

**Tip: For designs such as these where there are two more colours of nail polish, the best technique is to glide the top coat over the nail without blowing the brush to touch the polish underneath. This prevents the nail polish from smearing and ruining the nail art. I also keep a scrap piece of paper, so that I can wipe off any polish that has transferred onto the brush after every stroke. Alternatively, you can purchase non-smear nail stamping top coats – I find that these types of top coat aren’t as durable or as glossy as my usual quick-dry top coat, but they are better at preventing your nail art from smearing.**


Once the top coat has dried, you will be left with beautiful, Elegant, White & Gold Geometric Nails as shown below.

2018-04-09 18.19.45

Or if you prefer, you can go for these slightly more edgy, but equally beautiful, black and gold nails:

2018-04-09 18.20.20

Products Used

CINEEN: Striping Tape 30pcs.
F.U.N Lacquer: Premium Nail Treatment “SOS Nail Rebuilder” base coat.
Barry M: Wet Set Quick Dry Top Coat.
Avon: Nailwear Pro+ “Yellow Gold”.
Maybelline: Color Show 677 “Blackout”.
Color Club: 24 “French Tip”.

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