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New Nail Designs Using UberChic’s Texture-licious-01 Stamping Plate – Part 2.

For the second nail art design using UberChic’s Texture-licious-01 Stamping Plate, I wanted to do something colourful and edgy, similar to a street art style.

The colours I chose were black, blue, purple, and pink, as shown below.

2018-11-07 15.21.58

Each of these stamping polishes came as part of Born Pretty’s 25 piece collection, which can be found here.

Step 1

First I applied my F.U.N Lacquer base coat and allowed time for it to dry. I then applied two coats of my black creme polish by Maybelline to my thumbnail, middle fingernail, and ring fingernail. On my pointer fingernail and pinky fingernail, I applied two coats of Colour Club’s white creme polish (as always the full product list with links can be found at the end of the article). Before moving onto the next step, I applied a layer of my quick dry glossy top coat and waited for it to dry.

2018-11-05 15.34.55

Step 2

On my pinky and pointer fingernails, I wanted to create a gradient using the blue, purple and pink polishes. I chose to use a white base colour so that the colours of the gradient would show with full vibrancy and opacity, and prevent any discolouration.

**Tip: The reason why I applied my top coat to the nail before applying the gradient, is because the white polish can sometimes bleed into colours if you dab the sponge too hard on the nail. Applying the topcoat prevents this from happening.**

For the pointer fingernail, I swiped the polish onto the sponge diagonally, with the blue in the top left corner, followed by the purple and then the pink. I wanted the majority of the gradient to be the blue and purple, with just a little bit of the pink showing.

2018-11-05 16.36.28

I had never used stamping polish for a gradient, as I heard that the polish is generally much thicker than regular polish and dries too quick, therefore it is best to reserve it just for stamping. However, since I didn’t have those exact colours in my regular polish collection I decided to give it a try and was genuinely surprised by the results. As you can see from the picture below, the polish blended well together to make a seamless gradient, and it only too one coat! There was also none of the bubbling, which I sometimes get when creating gradients using my regular polish.

2018-11-05 16.39.03

For the pinky nail, I repeated this step but positioned the sponge so that the gradient was horizontal. Once dry, I added another layer of quick dry glossy top coat.

2018-11-05 17.08.35

Step 3

Next, I applied liquid latex to the skin around my nails to prep them for the stamping. On my thumbnail and middle fingernail, I wanted to stamp the design circled in the picture below:

2018-11-07 14.53.45 copy 3

Since I wanted to continue with the blue, purple, and pink gradient theme, I added a drop of each polish to the top right corner and swiped the scraper twice, diagonally across the pattern to create a gradient.

2018-11-07 15.00.55

**Tip: Normally, I try to only have to swipe the stamping polish once across the design as I highlighted in my nail stamping guide; however, when created a gradient stamp, swiping it at least twice really allows the colours to blend well together.**

2018-11-07 15.01.07

Just make sure you work fast and pick the polish up on your stamper before it has time to dry. It should end up looking something like this:

2018-11-07 15.06.02

I stamped the pattern onto each of the nails, reversing the position of the colour and rotating the stamper before stamping it onto the second nail so that the two didn’t look identical.

Step 4

For the nails with the gradient base colour, I stamped on this squiggly pattern circled below, using my black stamping polish.

2018-11-07 14.53.45 copy 2

In order to break up the colour and add an extra bit of “street art” element, I placed this “Rebel” stamp vertically onto my feature nail using the blue stamping polish.

2018-11-07 14.53.45 copy

**Tip: Originally I intended for the “Rebel” stamp to be pink, but it ended up looking out of place. The beauty of using a sturdy quick dry top coat (such as the one I use by Barry M) before you stamp on your design, is that most of the time you can scratch off the stamping polish from your nail with a metal cuticle tool and start over. This is what I did in this instance, and replaced the pink with the blue. It saves time and you don’t have to go through the effort of removing your polish and re-paining your nails.**

Step 5

To complete the design, I applied a thick layer of my non-smear glossy stamping polish top coat to each of the nails and cleaned up any excess polish from around my cuticles using a cleanup brush dipped in acetone.

This is the finished result:

2018-11-05 23.49.57

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Products Used

F.U.N Lacquer: Premium Nail Treatment “Triple 5”.
I ❤︎ Nails: “Paint n Peel” liquid latex.
MoYou London: Smudge Resistant Top Coat.
Barry M: Wet Set Quick Dry Topcoat.
UberChic: Uber Mini “Texture-Licious”.
Maybelline: Color Show 677 “Blackout”.
Born Pretty: Stamping Polish #14 (Purple).
Born Pretty: Stamping polish #11 (Pink).
Born Pretty: Stamping polish #17 (Blue).
Born Pretty: Stamping polish #3 (Black).

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