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How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily.

With Christmas and New Year parties just around the corner, glitter nail polish will soon be in high demand. Nothing says the holidays and festivities like plenty of glitz and sparkle!

But while you may be dazzling people with your glittery nails on the night, it can be such a nightmare to try and remove it once the celebrations are over. Although the easy solution would be to use a peel-off base coat, in my experience these base coats can cause your glitter polish to pop straight off your nails at the slightest knock and at the most inconvenient times. The last thing you want is to have half of your nails bare at the end of the night.

You also don’t want to have to spend half an hour of your time trying to scrub the polish off your nails by using the same technique you would for regular polish. This will only end up damaging the surface of your nails. So, below I have outlined my foolproof technique for removing glitter polish easily and without any hassle. It will literally only take you 5 minutes!

For this technique, you will need:
• Acetone.
• Cotton pads/cotton balls.
• Strips of kitchen foil.

Step 1

To start, you will need cut your cotton pads into segments like in the picture below (if using cotton balls you can tear them in half), making sure that you have enough for each of the nails.

2018-09-23 18.51.19

Also tear or cut the kitchen foil into strips, just large enough so that they can fully wrap around the tip of your finger, completely covering the nail.

Step 2

Dip your cotton ball or cotton pad into some acetone and rest it on top of your nail.

2018-09-23 18.54.41

Then, take a strip of the kitchen foil and wrap it around your nail and the cotton pad/ball.

2018-09-23 18.55.33

Make sure the foil overhands the tip of your finger so that you can bend and compress it to create a seal.

2018-09-23 18.56.22

Repeat this step for all nails with glitter polish and leave for five minutes.

2018-09-23 19.00.53

**Note: Time is based on using 100% acetone to remove the glitter. If the nail polish remover you are using is only acetone based (diluted with water) or acetone free, then allow extra time for it to soak into the glitter. For best results, I always recommend using 100% acetone.**

Step 3

Once the five minutes is up, gently press down on the foil over the nail and slowly start to slide it off your finger.

Both the foil and the cotton pad should come away cleanly, removing most of the glitter in the process. You may still have some glitter remaining on the edges of your nail, such as in the picture below, but this can easily be swiped away with another cotton pad dipped in acetone.

2018-09-23 19.06.49

Step 4

Once all the glitter has been removed, your nails and cuticles may look white and dry from the acetone, but this can be resolved by applying cuticle oil to rehydrate them. You may also wish to apply moisturising hand cream, especially to the pads of the fingers.

You should now have clean and glitter-free fingernails, with no damage caused by excessive scrubbing.

Products Used

F.U.N Lacquer: Premium Nail Treatment “Triple 5”.
Barry M: Wet Set Quick Dry Topcoat.
F.U.N Lacquer: Christmas 2016 “Northern Lights”.

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