Nail Art

Fire and Lava Nails

For this nail art, I used a combination of stamping, striping tape, and gradients to create these hot fire and lava nails. If you would like to recreate this look but don’t have a nail stamper or the stamping plates, you can also use Twinkled T’s fire nail vinyls.

Step 1

As always, I started by applying my F.U.N Lacquer “Triple 5” base coat. I don’t recommend using a peel-off base coat for this nail art since it would end up peeling up when removing the striping tape.

Once the base coat was dry, I then went in and created gradients on each of my nails using yellow, orange, and two shades of red.

2018-06-10 21.27.07

For the middle and ring fingernails, I made the gradients so that the red was at the top of the nail near the cuticle, followed by the orange and yellow at the tip of the nail. For the other nails, I randomised the colours in blotches on the sponge (as shown in the picture below).

2018-06-10 21.31.41

For my guide on how to create a perfect gradient, click here.

Once I was happy with how the gradients looked, I added a layer of my quick dry glossy top coat.

2018-06-10 22.54.24

Step 2

When the polish and top coat was completely dry, I positioned the striping tape in a geometric pattern onto my thumb, pinky, and forefinger nail.

2018-06-10 23.28.55

This is the same style as I used for my white and gold geometric nails, which can be found here.

I then applied a coat of metallic black/dark grey polish by Barry M and peeled off the striping tape while the polish was still wet (full product list can be found at the end of this article). I chose this technique for the lava as I wanted it to look bold and edgy rather than being super realistic.

2018-06-10 23.36.34

Step 3

Next, I used this Born Pretty fire stamping plate to stamp black flames onto my middle and ring fingernails.

2018-12-01 22.35.11

I had originally intended to stamp the flames as a gradient onto a black base colour, but I found during the testing phase that my red, orange, and yellow stamping polish hardly showed up at all when stamped on the black. Therefore, I ended up having to reverse the colours.

For my beginners stamping guide, click here.

Step 4

I sealed in the design by applying another layer of my quick dry glossy top coat.

2018-06-11 01.18.29

** Note: I created this design before I purchased my non-smear stamping top coats, and you can see in the flames that my regular top coat caused the black stamping polish to separate and become patchy in areas. This happened even though I used the technique where you glide the top coat over the design without the brush directly making contact with the nail. For this reason, I always recommend purchasing a non-smear stamping top coat for using with stamping polishes.**

I really liked how this design turned out, especially the “lava” themed nails. I think they would also look really cool when painted over all the nails (without the flames).

Products Used

F.U.N Lacquer: Premium Nail Treatment “Triple 5”.
Barry M: Wet Set Quick Dry Topcoat.
Born Pretty: Stamping polish #3 (Black).
CINEEN: Striping Tape 30pcs.
I ❤︎ Nails: “Paint n Peel” liquid latex.
Born Pretty: “Exoticism” BPX-L012 Stamping Plate.
Maybelline New York: Color Show 352 “Downtown Red”.
Maybelline New York: Color Show 353 “Red”.
Maybelline New York: Color Show 749 “Electric Yellow”.
Rimmel London: Rita Ora 400 “Tangerine Tent”.
Barry M: Molten Metal 715 “Black Diamond”.

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