Nail Art

Christmas Nails 2018

I used a combination of UberChic Beauty’s “Holiday Spirit” stamping plate and Lesly’s #31 stamping plate to create this warm Christmas nail art.

Step 1

I started by applying my usual F.U.N Lacquer “Triple 5” basecoat and allowed five minutes for it to dry.

Next, I applied two coats of ILNP’s Diablo to all nails except the forefinger nail, which I painted gold using two coats of Born Pretty’s #1 stamping polish. I chose Diablo as it’s a beautiful oxblood holographic polish, which when paired with gold looks very festive.

2018-12-07 23.45.10

Before moving onto the next step, I applied a coat of Barry M’s Wet Set Quick Dry top coat.

Step 2

Before I started stamping, I applied Cuticula’s liquid latex to my cuticles and the skin around the edges of my nails.

**This was my first time using this liquid latex and it instantly became my favourite. One thing I always hated about the other brands of liquid latex I owned was the smell (it always resembled fish oil). But, Cuticula’s collection of scented liquid latex changes that. I chose the ”Harvest Moon” scent and it smells divine, with a blend of woodsy and fruity elements. They also have a wide variety of other scents and colours available, including new festive scents. Besides the smell, this product also applies very smoothly and evenly, and dries quickly.**

2018-12-09 18.26.17

I then used this ”Merry Christmas” stamp from UberChic Beauty’s “Holiday Spirit” stamping plate and placed it vertically onto my forefinger nail using Born Pretty’s #13 stamping polish.

2018-12-10 13.07.26 copy

On the feature nail, I stamped this festive pattern circled below using Born Pretty’s #1 gold stamping polish.

2018-12-10 13.07.26

Step 3

On the other nails, I stamped this gradient pattern from Lesly’s #31 stamping plate using Born Pretty’s #1 stamping polish.

2018-12-10 13.08.06

On the thumbnail and pinky fingernail I stamped the pattern at the top of my nail (near the cuticle), and on the middle fingernail, I stamped the pattern on the tip of my nail.

2018-12-08 00.39.10

Step 4

I sealed in the designs using Born Pretty’s non-smear stamping polish and allowed 5-10 minutes for it to dry.

Once the top coat had dried I added a small blob of Barry M’s Wet Set Quick Dry top coat to the top of my middle fingernails and placed a small yellow/gold rhinestone from this set I purchased on Amazon.

2018-12-09 16.17.58

This is the finished look:

2018-12-08 00.54.51

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**Note: None of the products mentioned in this article is sponsored; they are just products that I love ❤︎.**

Products Used

F.U.N Lacquer: Premium Nail Treatment “Triple 5”.
Barry M: Wet Set Quick Dry Topcoat.
Born Pretty: Stamping Polish #1 (Gold).
Cuticula: Scented Nail Tape “Harvest Moon”.
Born Pretty: Stamping Polish #13 (Dark Mauve).
ILNP: “Diablo”.
9 Boxes Nail Art Rhinestones Stones Set.

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