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2019 Valentine’s Day Nail Art – Part 1

I stamped this cute, simple Valentine’s Day rose design using Born Pretty stamping plates and finished off the look with Swarovski’s Crystalpixie Petite on the feature nail for added sparkle.

I have provided the video tutorial below and have also written step-by-step instructions.

YouTube Video Tutorial

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Step 1

As always, I started by applying my F.U.N Lacquer “Triple 5” base coat and waited for it to dry. I then applied two coats of Superchic Lacquer’s “Rosebuddy” to my forefinger nail and my pinky nail. On my middle nail and thumbnail, I applied three coats of F.U.N Lacquer’s “Precious Moment” pale pink glitter polish. On the fourth nail, I applied two coats of silver polish.

Step 2

Before I started stamping, I applied a coat of quick dry glossy top coat to all my nails. Next, I took this rose pattern from Born Pretty”s BP-L046 stamping plate and stamped it with black stamping polish.


I then carefully filled in the design while it was still on the stamper.


Once the pattern was filled in with colour, I applied liquid latex around the cuticle of my pointer finger and then applied a thin coat of nail foil glue to the nail. when the glue turned clear, I then stamped the design directly to my nail and peeled up any excess along with the liquid latex.

**Alternatively, if you do not have nail foil glue, you can just add a top coat to the design whilst it is on the stamper to create a decal. Then, all you need to do is apply a layer of top coat to the nail, and while it is still wet, peel up the decal from the stamper and stick it directly onto the nail.**

I cleaned up any excess polish from my cuticle that was missed by the liquid latex with a cleanup brush dipped in acetone, and then applied a non-smear stamping top coat to seal in the design.


I repeated this design onto the pinky nail.

Step 3

On the middle nail, I stamped this “Love” design, from Born Pretty’s BPX-L014 stamping plate, with black stamping polish.


Since I wasn’t reverse stamping, I didn’t need to use the foil glue, as the stamping polish was still wet enough to transfer onto the nail.


Step 4

On the feature nail, I applied a thick coat of Barry M’s Plumpy top coat and sprinkled Swarovski’s Crystalpixie Petite (in the colour “Cute Mood”) directly over the nail.


I had created a tray out of card to place under the nail so that it would catch the loose crystals, which could then be poured back into the bottle using the funnel provided.

Once the nail was covered, I carefully pushed the crystals into place and cleaned up around the edges of the nail. I also filled in any gaps by dabbing a small blob of top coat to the nail with a small dotting tool and manually adding some of the loose crystals from the tray. Once I was happy with the way the crystals sat on the nail, I made them more secure by adding some more top coat around the edges. I don’t recommend applying top coat directly over the crystals, as this would take away some of the sparkle and texture that makes them so pretty.


Many nail artists suggest only using gel polish to set these kinds of crystals, but I have found that they can still last long periods of time just by using a good top coat. You can find my full Swarovski Crystalpixie review and durability test here.

Step 5

Lastly, I used this wavy abstract pattern from Born Pretty’s BP-L078 Stamping Plate, to stamp on my thumbnail in silver polish.


Then, I added a coat of non-smear glossy top coat by MoYou London.


This is the finished result:

2019-02-02 20.26.19

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Product List 

Born Pretty: BP-L046 Stamping Plate.
Born Pretty: BPX-L014 Stamping Plate.
Born Pretty: BP-L078 Stamping Plate.
F.U.N Lacquer: Premium Nail Treatment “Triple 5”.
Barry M: Wet Set Top Coat.
MoYou London: Non-smear Stamping Top Coat.
Barry M: Plumpy Top Coat.
Cuticula: Scented Nail Tape “Harvest Moon”.
XKJ – Nail Foil Glue.
F.U.N Lacquer: Valentine’s Collection “Precious Moment”.
Superchic Lacquer: Urban Dictionary Collection “Rosebuddy”.
Superchic Lacquer: Dreamology Collection “No Rest For The Wicked”.
Born Pretty: #3 Black Stamping Polish.
Born Pretty: #2 Silver Stamping Polish.
Born Pretty: #21 Pink Stamping Polish.
Swarovski: Crystalpixie Petite “Cute Mood”.

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