Nail Art

2019 Chinese Lunar New Year Nails

To welcome the Year of the Pig, I created this traditional red and gold nail art, using images from UberChic Beauty’s Far East-01 stamping plate, and Born Pretty Stamping polishes. You can find the full product list with the links at the end of this page.

YouTube Tutorial

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Step 1

I started by applying my F.U.N Lacquer “Triple 5” base coat and waited for it to dry. Next, I applied two coats of red polish onto my pointer nail, pinky nail, and thumbnail. On my middle and fourth fingernails, I applied two coats of gold polish. Before stamping, I added a coat of quick dry glossy top coat to all of the nails.


Step 2

I applied a coat of liquid latex around my pointer nail and pinky nail and then took this Chinese style cloud pattern from UberChic’s Far East-01 stamping plate, and stamped it using Born Pretty’s dark red stamping polish.


I pressed the design directly over the red polish on the nails. I then peeled up the liquid latex and cleaned up any excess polish from around my nails with a clean up brush.


Step 3

I took this cute Chinese lantern image from the Far East-01 plate and stamped it on top of the cloud pattern on my pointer fingernail, using the gold Born Pretty stamping polish. For my beginners guide on nail stamping, click here.


Step 4

On my fourth nail, I stamped this traditional style pattern shown below, using the red stamping polish.


On my middle nail, I stamped these Chinese characters, using the dark red stamping polish.


Step 5

I sealed in the designs using MoYou London’s non-smear, glossy top coat and then the Chinese New Year nails were complete.

This is the finished look:

2019-02-06 16.08.28

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Product List

F.U.N Lacquer: Premium Nail Treatment “Triple 5” (base coat).
MoYou London: Non-smear Stamping Top Coat.
Barry M: Wet Set Top Coat.
Born Pretty: #19 Dark Red Stamping Polish.
Born Pretty: #5 Red Stamping Polish.
Born Pretty: #1 Gold Stamping Polish.
UberChic Beauty: Far East-01 Stamping Plate.
Born Pretty: Stamping Kit.
Cuticula: Scented Nail Tape “Harvest Moon”.

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