Nail Art

Fire and Lava Nails

For this nail art, I used a combination of stamping, striping tape, and gradients to create these hot fire and lava nails. If you would like to recreate this look but don’t have a nail stamper or the stamping plates, you can also use Twinkled T’s fire nail vinyls. Continue reading “Fire and Lava Nails”

Nail Art

New Nail Designs Using UberChic’s Texture-licious-01 Stamping Plate – Part 2.

For the second nail art design using UberChic’s Texture-licious-01 Stamping Plate, I wanted to do something colourful and edgy, similar to a street art style.

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Nail Art

2018 Halloween Nails

For Halloween this year, I decided to go with a quick and simple design using Twinkled T’s nail vinyls and stamping plates by Born Pretty. These nails would be perfect if you are already spending hours perfecting your costume or if you just don’t simply have the time to create a more complicated Halloween nail art.

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