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Can You Use Swarovski’s Crystal Pixie Without Gel or Nail Glue? – Tested!

I love Swarovski and their products such as their jewellery and pens, and so I was excited when I first heard about Swarovski’s Crystal Pixie for nails. These are bottles of loose Swarovski crystals in various colours that can be stuck to nails to provide extra glitz and sparkle. Continue reading “Can You Use Swarovski’s Crystal Pixie Without Gel or Nail Glue? – Tested!”

Product Reviews and Swatches

What’s The Best Matte Top Coat? Product Review

As a personal preference, I always like to have glossy nails, so I never paid much thought to the matte top coats that I saw on the market. However, in recent months I have seen matte nail designs everywhere and started to see the appeal. Combining matte glossy top coats into your manicure can add a touch of elegance and really make the design “pop”. Alternatively, matte top coats can be used over all nails (whether it’s just a single colour or a nail art design) to provide a more subtle effect or just to make your mani look a little more classy. Matte also work well with formal attire, whether you are in the office or at a business meeting and want to tone down your nails so that they aren’t dazzling the people around you. Continue reading “What’s The Best Matte Top Coat? Product Review”