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How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily.

With Christmas and New Year parties just around the corner, glitter nail polish will soon be in high demand. Nothing says the holidays and festivities like plenty of glitz and sparkle! Continue reading “How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily.”

Tips and Techniques

How To Do A Perfect Gradient.

Whether it’s part of a more detailed nail art design, or just by itself, gradients look beautiful and add a bit of vibrancy to your nails. They are also very easy to achieve once you perfect your technique. This guide will outline the basics on how to create a perfect nail polish gradient, although as with most nail art techniques, practice makes perfect.

Continue reading “How To Do A Perfect Gradient.”

Tips and Techniques

Things to Consider Before Attempting Nail Art

It’s easy to become inspired to attempt nail art, whether it’s from browsing nail blogs, watching youtube tutorials, or maybe you suddenly come up with your own design that you would like to try. This may prompt you to whip out your nail polish bottles straight away and start painting. However, even though the design itself may seem straightforward and easy to achieve, people tend to forget that even some of the simplest designs require a lot of patience and planning. Continue reading “Things to Consider Before Attempting Nail Art”